Our story since 1896

Tradition Candles Ltd have produced candles in Laval, Montreal North Shore, starting 1973. Founded by Mr Pierre Perrault the company has established itself as a leader  and expanded rapidly.  One of the many reasons was the purchase of the Canadian  division of  Will & Baumer a very important American candle manufacturer.

The company is immediately renowned for the great quality of its liturgical and commercial products that are sold among the religious and commercial institutions in Canada and United States.

In 2007, Tradition Candles Ltd, managed by Mr Pierre Perrault’s two sons, Mr François and Mr Jean-Pierre Perrault, bought Mailloux Baillargeon Inc. another large candle manufacturer located in St-Constant, South Shore of Montreal.  Both companies are selling similar products to the same markets. 

At that time the company becomes Tradition MB Candles inc. and move all the operations in St-Constant workshops, more spacious and better adapted to the growing number of employees.

Mailloux Baillargeon inc. was created in 1989 after the merger of F. Bailargeon Ltd and J. E. Mailloux Ltd. Two other large competitors in the candle business.

F. Baillargeon was founded in  1896 when Frédéric Baillargeon started making candles in Saint-Isidore-Jonction before moving to St-Constant a few years later. In 1905, Joseph-Ernest Mailloux also launched a candle business in Talon, near St-Jean, and he later moved his facilities in Longueuil.  Following the merger in 1989 the new company was settled in St-Constant.

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