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Add a candle to your decor!

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on February 22, 2019
Add a candle to your decor!

You have a special event needing a special decoration or just need to add a little chic to your daily life? Nothing has popped into your head? Candles are an excellent way the create a warm atmosphere for your event and bring some change to your routine!

A stunning centerpiece

Candles can make beautiful centerpieces. It is also possible to use distinct types of candles to obtain completely different styles. For example, dipped candles and palm oil pillars are more massive and visible. A discreet decoration would not honor them. Add some matching flowers for an amazing result. Use medium or large size candles to make sure they don’t get lost in them.

Floating candles can also be used for centerpieces. Fill a transparent vase with water and put the floating candle to create an unique style. Add some accessories to impress your guests.

You can make this decoration for a wedding, a dinner with family or friends and in any reception hall.

For an even more relaxing yoga session

Whether it is alone or in a group, your yoga session can be accompanied by candles in glass containers of different colors, which are perfect for this activity. The reflection of their flame on the glass creates a relaxing atmosphere and tints their surroundings with a soft colored light. We recommend putting them further away from you to prevent any collision during your yoga session.

Why not make it into a lantern?

Lanterns are an amazing addition to a late-night getaway at the beach or an evening out with friends. There are several types of lanterns: wood, metal and paper, just to name a few.

For wood or metal lanterns, use dipped candles or palm oil pillars to have a better result because with a smaller candle, the lantern would look empty.

Paper lanterns are magnificent, but it is important to stay prudent because they could easily catch fire. The use of tealights is therefore prioritized because they are smaller. You can also decorate your lantern to your liking with paint, pens, markers and others.

Add some diversity

Simply using candles with different types of wax can impress your guests. Choosing colors to harmonize with the design of your home will add some chic to your event. However, the different kinds of wax also create distinct finishes. Coconut oil wax gives a marble finish to the candle while the palm oil wax creates a more crystalline one. Match these candles with your interior and they won’t stop making people look twice.

For other decorating ideas, don’t hesitate to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook! We hope that your event or your routine was embellished by candles!