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1951 archives - Eatable candle

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on October 12, 2017
1951 archives - Eatable candle

The 3 largest candle manufacturers merged and became Chandelles Tradition M.B. INC

M for Mailloux

B for Baillargeon 

Here is a part of the history of Mailloux


As they say « every cloud has a silver lining »

A compatriot proved it, taking advantage of a long convalescence to invent a new product called to render valuable services. In fact, he used this forced rest time to make a candle that is at the same time edible and nutritious.

This invention is the work of Mr. J-Antoine Mailloux from Talon Quebec, who had been interested in candle making for many years. During World War II, this compatriot was the victim of a serious accident which fractured his neck. For more than 2 years he was confined to bed rest due to this neck and torso being in a cast.

At that time, we were fighting in Europe and the Pacific. One day Mr. Mailloux heard that the military was searching to acquire some sort of ersatz that could be used as nourishment for the soldiers, sailors and pilots in case of emergency. That’s when this compatriot came up with the idea of creating a candle that is not only useful for light but could also serve as food if needed.

It took him 7 hard years of work and alot of money to achieve this invention. In 1947, it became a reality and in 1948 it would be accepted by the Canadian Military.

The edible and nutritious candle invented by Mr. Mailloux weighs about 2 pounds and is 4 inches in diameter. It is tasteless, odorless and smoke free. It burns like an ordinary candle, but with this great advantage , it can withstand 100 degrees of heat and burn perfectly at 60 degrees below zero. It can therefore be used in hot climates, as in icy regions. In addition, it contains 50% of nutrients producing hundreds of calories and containing thousands of vitamins of different categories. It is chewed like gum and helps maintain body forces.

This candle is a secret formula and, as soon as it  was first made, the Canadian government bought more than 15,000 for armed forces. During the great military maneuvers, called 'Sweetbriar', which took place in 1950, each soldier found one of these candles in his bag, Mr. Mailloux tells us. ''At the moment, edible candle is only provided to the Canadian army, but it would be very useful for all those who travel to isolated areas: truckers, trappers, navigators, airmen, explorers, and other. Because of vitamins it contains, this candle also protects against the common cold. ''

Family business

After serving 25 years as a customs officer, MJ-Antoine Mailloux took an active interest in the candle factory founded by his father, Mr. joseph-Ernest Mailloux, 46 years earlier, in Talon (St- jean, Que.). Five of his brothers are also actively involved in the family business; they are MM. Ulysse Mailloux, the eldest; Arsene, Joseph, Jean-Paul and François. Two other brothers are also interested, they are Dr. Luc Mailloux, of Montreal, and R. P. Anastase Mailloux, O.F.M., Sorel. Since the death of their father, these brothers have brilliantly preserved and developed his business.

At the Mailloux plant, it manufactures more than 40,000 pounds of wax a day. Producing Candles of all kinds. It also manufactures sealing wax for canning and wax discs used in textile mills to lubricate cotton, silk or woolen threads. We also still make all kinds of church ornaments. It's one of our most beautiful French -Canadian companies.

46 years ago, Mr. Joseph-Ernest Mailloux founded his company by making candles in his kitchen. With the help of his now widowed wife, who is 71 years old and is proud to see the wonderful efforts her sons  put into futher developing their father's work. His son Antoine is the propagandist of the family industry and is known throughout Canada under the pseudonym "Tony the Candle"

Dollard MORIN

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