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Candles for Mother's Day

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on April 26, 2019
Candles for Mother's Day

Just a little more than two weeks before Mother’s Day. It’s time to think back on the good moments you spent together and to say thank you to her. A little show of affection is always welcome on this day where she is the star. Here are some tips so that you can give her the perfect gift.

Flowers, but differently

Let’s think about the classic gift, but differently. Why not give her a floral scented candle? Choose between lavender, a timeless scent that brings a feeling of rest and freshness, magnolia, a soft floral perfume reminiscent of the beautiful spring days, or both! It’s like a flower bouquet that lasts longer! A unique gift that she will remember.

Go for her favorite color

Your mother loves red, blue or white? Give her a set of matching candles of her favorite color. You can also mix different finishes, like palm oil, coconut oil and paraffin candles as well as models like pyramids, pillars and more. You can also wrap it, add some flowers and other small accessories to create the perfect gift.

Why not a floating candle?

Floating candles make magnificent decorations. Just take a vase, fill it with water and put the candle to have a unique result. You can also fill it with sand or small pebbles to also create a beautiful effect. She can use them in an evening with the family or with her friends and take a relaxing bath by putting them in the water. There is so much possibilities with floating candles that she will certainly like them.

Give her an evening in your company

Nothing is better than to enjoy an evening with her. You can do any activity: cooking, relaxing and more! Spending some time with her will make her happy and you will create precious memories together. Accompany your night with candles to create a warm and convivial atmosphere.

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Happy Mother’s Day!