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From the recycling bin to a beautiful decoration

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on March 15, 2019
From the recycling bin to a beautiful decoration

We throw away too many things per year. If it is of no use, bam! In the trash. There are so many possibilities of things to do with objects that we could otherwise consider as waste. It also applies to candles, more specifically their containers. For this reason, we want to give you some ideas to make your candles even more stunning and ways to use the containers again!

With wine bottles

Yes, you read right! With wine bottles! The diameter of their tip is the perfect size for dipped candles. Add some color with paint and personalize them with accessories that can be glued like letters and glitter. You can put it on your table or other stable furniture to add a magnificent decoration to your events.

From an empty jar to something wonderful

You bought our scented candles or are considering it? The glass containers of our scented duos and scented candles don’t need to go to the trash when the wax is completely consumed. Wash them and use them as you please! You can put anything you like, but what we prefer is to put a tealight with some sand or crystals for their flame to reflect on the glass.

For small scattered objects

You need to empty your pockets of all the little objects you found throughout the day? Use tealight containers to put away spare change, buttons, small jewelry and more. Their size is perfect to store them without surcharge. Glue the containers together to create the perfect storage for your daily findings.

You have other ideas? Don’t hesitate to tell us how you recycle candle containers or other objects to make a beautiful decoration! You can also follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!