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Why choose candles for Valentine's Day?

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on January 11, 2018
Why choose candles for Valentine's Day?

You're running out of ideas for upcoming Valentine's Day...

No need to break the bank, little personnal touches are often much more fun.

We are often overwhelmed by time, work, children, activities that we forget the essential.

Why not enjoy the day of love to remind our beloved how much we love them. To offer one's time, to be completely present in body and soul is it not the best way to emphasize our love.

Here are some very simple and winning ideas : 


What could be better than a good one-on-one dinner in the comfort of your home. Take the stress out of everyday life and take a break. Lite a few candles, make ourselves comfortable and envoy the moment in a soothing and warm atmosphere with our loved one.


Do you know about floating candles? They are incredibly romantic and ideal way to end the evening.


Have you ever had a scent remind you of a particular moment in time? I have!

Why not immortalize the moment by suprising your spouse with a ton of scented candles in every corner of your home. It's the perfect night to create memories.
Our natural fragrances will make you go crazy!

Natural scented candles


Do you like theme colors? Pink & Red are perfect for Valentine's Day!

The Ideal way to surprise your beloved!
Revive the flame!

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Happy Valentine's Day