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The production of our candles

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on February 8, 2019
The production of our candles

Do you think that the manufacturing process ends in our laboratory? Think again!

Aida Marton, our Head of Research and Development, this time supported by our production team, now starts producing our candles. Other tests, adjustments and choice of parameters, appropriate temperatures as well as heating and cooling speeds are made. Even the environmental conditions are evaluated to produce thousands of candles per day, not just a few in our laboratory.

For example, did you know that vegetal waxes are polymorphic, which means that the shape and dimensions of the wax crystals change according to the room temperature?

There are also several manufacturing processes! Molding, dipping, pressing, slurry candle filling system, extrusion and handmade candles, just to name a few. Thousands of candles exit our factory each day, without compromising the quality. Our test room is always full of lit candles every day, without fail, and we also add samples which are meticulously tested.

How many candles were made throughout the years? Aida never counted. One thing is sure, she keeps developing our varieties of candles, improving our manufacturing processes and taking your special requests.

Eager to try our candles? Find them in our boutique and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback!