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The advantages of scented candles

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on March 1, 2019
The advantages of scented candles

A scented candle is always welcomed when we want to have a relaxing moment or fill the room with a pleasant smell. We can also associate a scent with a memory, hence the importance of choosing it well. We offer a variety of scented candles of distinct smells and numerous benefits are associated with them.


The fruity aromas of this candle are perfect for people who prefer sweeter scents. Go back in summer all through the year with its subtle orange with a hint of cantaloupe fragrance. It can add a little pep to your daily life and a boost of energy to get you through the day.


The magnolia flowers scented candle has a soft, discreet and slightly tangy fragrance with floral notes. It offers a spring breeze with anxiolytic and calming virtues. The reminder of nature helps to clear your mind and instantly feel at peace. Those preferring more light and natural perfumes will fall in love with this candle.


This fragrance is more temperate and velvety. It will make you feel like you are right next to the water as well as relaxing you with its smell reminiscent of the ocean, which has calming virtues with the soft sound of its waves. Its delicate perfume gives you an impression of purity and serenity.


The smell of bamboo inspires health and well-being. This fresh and invigorating perfume brings a sense of tranquility as well as a slightly sweet fragrance which will please all. This plant possesses many antibacterial natural properties, keeps away mites and is considered as a sacred plant in Japan.


The eucalyptus scented candle lets out a refreshing and comforting fragrance. People preferring stronger and more distinct smell will love this candle. Its natural aromas unwind the atmosphere, letting your mind have a break. Eucalyptus has numerous virtues, it is used in many saunas and its medicinal properties are particularly efficient to ease the respiratory tracts.

Japanese green tea

This natural, delicate and subtle fragrance fills the room with a peaceful and zen ambiance. Green tea is recognized as one of the most powerful medicinal plants of the world, since more than 5000 years.


Lavender is a powerful floral scent that is seeing its popularity rise more and more throughout the years. It is used in many body and household products. Use a lavender scented candle in moments of stress or unrest because this plant is recommended to help with anxiety, which offers you an optimal moment of relaxation and helps you fall asleep easier.


Aloe is full of benefits on the inner and outer human body. This medicinal plant is one of the most powerful and recognized throughout the world. It has several vitamins and minerals, is rich in its composition as well as being extremely generative and protective. Aloe is used in many creams and skin products. Its soft and comforting scent gives off a sense of well-being that will instantly calm you.

Sage and sea salt

The sage and sea salt scented candle emits a fresh and natural fragrance. This plant helps ease numerous small every day aches. Its medicinal properties have been known for centuries. It is for this reason that it has rapidly become a traditional remedy against multiple pathogens. Its name comes from the Latin word ''salvare'' which means ''to save''. The addition of the sea salt gives an iodized note to the sage and creates the perfect combination between the earth and the sea.

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