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Summer with candles

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on May 10, 2019
Summer with candles

Summer is coming soon! Are you ready for outdoor evening gatherings, pool parties and all the other thrilling activities that summer has to offer? We sure are! Be ready to welcome this long-awaited season with these few tips.

Colors you can’t miss

All colors don’t send the same messages and make us feel the same emotions. Summer is an energizing and lively season. Pale and dynamic colors are to prioritize. Our first choice: green! This color reminds us of nature that surrounds us and will harmonize with any décor. We also like blue. Summer means good weather so, more blue sky. It’s also the time for beach and pool parties. This color will remind you of those two elements as well as relaxing you. Turquoise is also a good choice because its lighter and brighter tone will bring dynamism to your home. Our last summer-perfect color: yellow! It’s reminiscent of the sun and brings immediate joy and warmth. It brings a smile to our face and reminds us of a good lemonade that we drink on a hot summer day.

The fragrance of your summer

Why not make your summer even more memorable by adding a fragrance to it? A soft citrus perfume is perfect to give you an energy boost in a beautiful sunny day. You can also make your days at the beach last longer with the ocean breeze scent. It’s like you were still there! Don’t forget lavender! It is a plant that is there all summer, but rare are the ones who have it at home. Bring this fragrance in your house with our lavender scented candles.

Summer means going outside!

The beautiful and hot weather is synonymous of outside meals and activities! Why not bring your candles outside too? Whether it is on a sunny afternoon or a star filled evening, candles can perfectly accompany your event. Any type of candle does the job, from dipped candles to tealights, as well as palm oil pillars and pyramids. Put them in lanterns, glass containers or directly on the table to create wonderful memories.

We wish you the best of summers filled with sun and fun!

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