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Emotions that colors convey

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on March 29, 2019
Emotions that colors convey

When it comes to decorating, the most important thing is to make an impression. Whether it is to inspire relaxation, elegance or well-being, colors can help convey messages and emotions unique to each one and change the look of your room. The question is, how do you choose?


Red has contradictory meanings. It can signify love, passion and sensuality as well as danger, prohibition and anger. However, the first themes are much more used to describe this color’s meaning and it is even one of the three colors used to represent love on Valentine’s Day. When decorating, it brings character to the room and is often considered as audacious. Red candles can bring a vibrant touch to your décor and accompany your romantic nights throughout the year. Red harmonizes perfectly with gold, silver as well as pink and white.


Yellow puts us in a good mood instantly with the feeling of joy and optimism that it brings out. It is a warm color, which makes it convivial and full of bliss. It is often associated with energy and friendship. Add yellow to your home to inspire a festive mood and a good spirit to your event or your daily life. This color matches perfectly with orange and red.


Like yellow, orange is a bright and warm color that reinvigorates us. It brings out energy and dynamism as well as stimulating our emotions and encourage movement. This color is omnipresent in the fall and in the harvest season because of leaves changing to this color and pumpkins. An orange candle will bring energy and you can pair them with yellow and red to create an impression of warmth and comfort.


Pink is often associated with femininity, but most importantly, to happiness, tenderness and youth. It is a soft and delicate color with a cute side. It is a perfect match with red and white and other pastel colors. Add a pink colored candle to bring a sense of happiness and sensitivity to the room.


Blue is a soft color which brings an impression of tranquility and calm. It makes us feel rested and relaxes us because it is reminiscent of the ocean, the sea and the sky, which are all peaceful places where happy memories are created. This color stands out by the positive emotions it brings out, but allows you to relax. Add a blue candle to your décor to unwind. White, beige and other pale hues will be in perfect harmony with this color to bring a calm touch to your home.


This color automatically makes us think of nature like the leaves, the grass and some fruits and vegetables. It can be as relaxing as blue, but by making a link to plants and by creating a feeling of connection with nature. Many shades can be created like emerald, lime green and forest green. It is also associated with luck, mainly due to the four-leaf clover. Green is magnificent with blue, which is reminiscent of the Earth.


This color brings delicacy as well as a sense of power. It is associated with a feeling of serenity, calmness and prosperity. Many monarchs’ clothes were this color to show their wealth. It has poise and is also associated with imagination and spirituality. Purple candles will give a hint of chic to your décor. It can be matched with white and pastel colors.


Brown is a color that is reminiscent of nature, but also of neutrality. It is not dominant, but isn’t in any other color’s shadow. It conveys solidity because of its association with wood, soil and trees. It is also associated with comfort and softness. Brown candles bring a natural touch to your home and harmonize with blue and green.


Grey represents calmness and softness. The mix of two predominant colors like black and white gives a more peaceful and discreet result. Refinement is emitted from this color which is often used in the fashion industry. Grey candles will bring an impression of calmness and matches with blue, purple as well as black and white.


White is often associated with purity, innocence and softness. It is a delicate but magnificent color. White candles can harmonize with any decoration. Any color can match with it and white candles can be used in any event like a wedding, a party and more. You can also use them in your home to bring a touch of softness.


Black represents everything that is high-end. It is predominant in many industries, like fashion, and elegance is often transmitted through this color. It is simple, dark and isn’t in any other color’s shadow. Black is also mysterious and can be matched with any color. Add black candles for a unique and glamour look.


Gold is automatically a synonym of wealth and luxury. It is a color that brings out prestige and power as well as being used for jewelry, watches and other high-end products. It matches any color. To add chic to your parties, don’t hesitate to choose a golden candle.


Silver, like gold, represents everything related to wealth and power. However, silver is soberer and matches with its surroundings. It is associated with modernism and brings out a more sophisticated look. It can be harmonized with any color and will bring modernism to your home.

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