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The importance of the wick and the container in the making of candles

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on January 31, 2019
The importance of the wick and the container in the making of candles

In the making of candles, choosing good raw materials as well as the appropriate formulas is fundamental. However, the wick and the container must not be forgotten!

Our head of Research and Development, Aida Marton, is back to explain how these two elements turn out to be essential in the making of candles.

According to her, the wick is the core of the candle and its choice should not be overlooked. Each has different particularities like its braiding, its number of threads, the type of cotton, its chemical treatment and others.

There’s no other way to choose the wick than by conducting a burning test because every type of candle is unique and every detail counts, whether it is the type of raw material, their concentration, the type or the size of the candle.

The container is also important! Did you know, for example, that two scented candles which have the same wax formula, the same type and concentration of perfume, the same size and dimensions, as well as the same wick could burn differently because one is poured into a glass container and the other one in an aluminum container?

Why? The reason lies in the different thermal conductivity of the glass, which is an insulator, and the aluminum, which is a good heat conductor. It’s so complex and interesting, isn’t it?

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