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The environment and the candles

Patricia Perrault Written by Patricia Perrault on September 14, 2017
The environment and the candles
Continuously on the lookout for new trends and after several years of research and testing, Chandelles Tradition MB inc. is proud to use more and more vegetable wax during the production of our products.
We are therefore the first manufacturer of candles to promote vegetable waxes from suppliers who take sustainable development to heart, whilst improving and controlling their productions  so it can be done in a eco friendly environment.

We are proud to use in the production of our candles the following natural products for our vegetable wax.
Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of an African palm tree, elaeis guineensis.  This first quality natural oil, allows us to create candles made from renewable ressources. The texture of the candle is unique and very original. A must have!

Coconut oil is extracted from the dried coconut pulp. Like palm oil, coconut oil candles, are part of the new generation of candles made from renewable resources. The cracked texture is truly unique.

Soy oil is extracted from soybeans. Soy is used, among other things, in the production of our scented candles and gives them a creamy texture.

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