Manufacturing process

With more than 120 years of experience in the field of candles, we are constantly working on improving our machines and optimize our manufacturing processes to ensure high quality for all our products. Tradition Candles team is made up of dedicated people who have a strong expertise in various manufacturing techniques and master the implementation of all types of raw materials.

Each department has different work techniques that need quality control and diverse requirements. We have equipment that covers all applicable processes in the candle industry. This allows us to offer a full range of liturgical and commercial products.

Our research and development department makes sure to make the best choices to meet the required quality and safety criteria. After each production batch, we take samples that are carefully tested in our laboratory to ensure that the burning of the candles is ideal.

1. Different type of fully refined paraffin, made in Canada
2. Different vegetable waxes
- Soy
- Palm
- Coconut
3. Premium beeswax made in Canada

We have an impressive variety of wicks. This allows us to optimize performance when burning candles. The wicks used are made from cotton and other natural fibers, without zinc or lead.

1. Cylinder candle casting
2. Paste wax filling
3. Extrusion; cylindrical candle
4. Dipping in successive layers followed by final soaking in the
colored wax. (Wide variety of colors)
5. Pressing
6. Glass washing
7. Glass painting
8. Department of artisanal Candles (Handmade)

Tradition candles also provides for private label projects such as scented wax filling for containers. We also offer a wide selection of containers, perfumes and colors.

Contact us and we will meet your expectations. Our R & D team demonstrates professionalism and promptness in carrying out your personalized requests. Select the color, fragrance, container and packaging of your choice. We will take care of the rest, whatever the size of your project.